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Album review in Bubblegum Slut Zine

Bubblegum Slut Issue 33 page 77
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Abigail's Mercy - After the Fall
Review by Alison B

Until now Birmingham lads & lass Abigail's Mercy have fallen into the Lacuna Coil/Nightwish pen without much of a fight. Soaring female vocals, sword 'n' sorcery lyrics and corset 'n' cape clad live performances and videos - not to mention the fact they namecheck both the former on their own press release - made them seem quite at home in that increasingly overpopulated niche. Space being tight and competition always fierce from some new bunch of classically trained Scandinavians may, however, have prompted them to cast their net further for fans on this second album, and try on some straight-up metal and hard-rock sounds which, it could be argued, were more suited to Abigail's bare-bones four piece arrangement and unprissy attitude from the outset. That's no criticism of their execution of more lofty musical ideas by the way, merely acknowledgement that sexy little numbers like the groove drive "If Only I", Crucified Barbara style high-speed trash attack "Until My Dying Day" and "Sugarfiend" - a stoner grind with a splash of Zeppelin soul - do look damned good on them. So good heavens, it's a shock when the dirty little rockers you've just been getting to know then morph into an equally credible gothic coven come "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle", where frontwoman Lindsey chants like a Medieval Baebe, magnificently holding her own with only a few flute melodies and atmospheric string-strums for support. If that's her spotlight moment bassist and co-vocalist Stevey gets his in "Summerland", and once again swapping the more stiff symphonic elements for something rawer, even folk-informed, on the Goth spectrum thoroughly agrees. When both voices battle it out over jutting Maiden riffs on "Destiny", offering vocal interplay much like that hallmarked by the criminally underrated Interlock, you sense Abigail's really coming into their own, and becoming comfortable in their own eclectic skin.

Thank you to Alison for this great review
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